LONG BEACH, CA – February 22, 2017 – Yonsei Co, LLC. Like a pride of lions, each with their different talents and professional experience, three siblings are formulating a new alliance. Their vision has been brought to fruition, and to honor their family and culture, by creating a company built to invoke a sense of ethical, loyal, honest and honorable standards.

Yonsei Company is a full creative agency that is dedicated to not only conjuring up and designing ideas, but building them, fabricating them, and installing them as well. Our 3 founders are siblings that are bringing together a wealth of multiple industries experience as well as a plethora of talent and background portfolio. The Yonsei Company is committed to designing, fabricating and installing show pieces and branding for businesses with in their brick and mortar and internet properties. Yonsei Company’s process takes into consideration and utilizes sustainable practices, as well as reusable materials where possible. We make beautiful creative-scapes and have begun to use amazing sustainable techniques such as aquaponics.

The word “Yonsei” derives its meaning as the 4th generation of Japanese Americans within the United States. The Yonsei Company intends to honor the culture and their family with the business venture.

As Yonsei Company opens its doors, expect to see them regularly at community events such as tradeshows and environmental galas such as the 2017 Green Prize Festival in Long Beach, CA.

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